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Personal care

NM-Carbomer products: The professional Leader as modified Rheology

Our Comes tics grade NM-Carbomerproducts are consisted of more than 30 types to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. NM-Carbomer products includes everything from powders to liquids. This provides an array of benefits, including wide pH range compatibility and high electrolyte tolerance that is ideal for flow patterns.  benefits below:

1.Efficient thickening and suspending

Carbomer products provide highly efficient thickening and suspending, excellent clarity in gels and emulsion systems such as cream, lotion, and hydroalcoholic gels.

2. Wide range of pH and electrolyte tolerance for formulation flexibility.

3. Diverse viscosity offerings for unique texture and sensory benefits

4. Ease of dispersion for efficient processing and increased safety

As the  leadingmanufacturerofcarbomerproducts, Newman business and technical team are full of technical resources in formulating for different applications. NM-Carbomer are applied widely in personal care products such as in body washes, facial cleansers, shampoo, hair styling, sun care, hand sanitizer gels, creams, lotions, creams, facial care products.

Tab.1 NM-Carbomer products application in personal care

Product Name
NM-Carbomer SF-1/SF-3
NM-Carbomer 21
NM-Carbomer 10



NM-Carbomer 981/941

NM-Carbomer 2020/20


Properties in Formulated Application
Flow Characteristics
Long flow Short flow Short flow Short flow Very short flow Long flow Long flow
Relative Viscosity Low High High High Very high Low Low
Suspending Ability(yield value) High High High High High High High
Mucilage Clarity
Medium High High High High High High
Relative Ion Tolerance
High High Low Low Low Medium High
Relative Shear Tolerance Low Medium Medium Medium Medium Low Low
Clear Gels

Hydroalcoholic Gels



Surfactants Systems

High Electrolyte Systems

    A total of



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