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Paints & coatings

new products

  • benzene free carbomer and self wetting
  • carbomer for home care applicaiton
  • carbomer application for oral care products/toothpaste
  • Carbomer 934 for personal care products

Paints and coatings serve two primary functions—decoration and protection. To meet these functions formulators, need advanced coating solutions that can help deliver diverse benefits through premium paint and coating products.

Anhui Newman has experience developing unique technologies that serve as the basis for our high performing specialty additives for paints and coatings—technologies that improve application efficiency and reduce cost-in-use.

Our portfolio of solutions for paints and coatings deliver exceptional corrosion prevention, chemical and stain resistance, scratch and mar endurance, barrier properties, controlled adhesion, and color development through improved pigment dispersing and stabilization.

Typical Applications

Our rheology control additives are used across many industries in a wide range of applications. At a high level, these include protective coatings, building and construction coatings, transportation coatings and industrial OEM coatings.

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North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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