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Health care

new products

  • benzene free carbomer and self wetting
  • carbomer for home care applicaiton
  • carbomer application for oral care products/toothpaste
  • Carbomer 934 for personal care products

NM-Carbomer and polyacrylic acid products: being well known

in oral products and health care field

Newman Chemicals business and technical team partners with customers to speed innovative health carel field to market. Our Neman carbomer products as high-performance  excipients,  are used in a wide range of applications including health care products, semisolid and liquid formulations, oral care products.

Oral care

NM-Carbomer products as health care  excipients have been applied in oral care products, here is carbomer characteristics

1) Highly efficient thickeners/co-binders enabling excellent formulation

2) The preferred thickener for anhydrous formulation

3) Excellent mucoadhesive polymers, which protect and lubricate the mucosa as well as allow  for prolonged active and flavor retention

4) Synergistic co-thickeners with either cellulosic polymers or natural gums

5) Optimal for providing enhanced aesthetics

6)  Consistent from lot-to-lot due to their synthetic nature

7)  Able to be processed by cold processing

8) Synthetic polymers with a lower bioburden that do not support microbial growth when compared to natural cellulosic polymers and gums

9)  Compliant with global health care requirements


Rheology modifiers


Suspension stabilizers

Mucoadhesive aids


Aqueous toothpaste

Anhydrous toothpaste

Oral gels &pastes

Denture care products

Mouth rinses

Tab.2  Newman Carbomer application in oral care

Product Name
Aqueous      Toothpaste
Anhydrous        Toothpaste
Mucoadhesive    Application
Denture    Fixate
NM-Carbomer  934P

NM-Carbomer  974P

NM-Carbomer    971P/71G

NM-Carbomer 980G

NM-Carbomer  2020G

    A total of



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