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  • benzene free carbomer and self wetting
  • carbomer for home care applicaiton
  • carbomer application for oral care products/toothpaste
  • Carbomer 934 for personal care products

NM-Carbomer and polyacrylic acid products: being well known in  home care and industry fields

carbomer and polyacrylic acid  products play  important role in enhancing the performance of dish, fabric and surface care products. In partnership with customers in the home products industry, we innovate products that help people to live a more comfortable life.

NM-Carbomer products are the polymers , varying levels of crosslinking, providing a portfolio of functionally diverse performance options, being available as powder or liquid emulsion polymers.

Newman Polyacrylic acid polymers as a high-efficient water-soluble adhesive and rheology modifier. They can provide high viscosity, excellent thickening and suspending performance with low-dosage.They perform well in challenging low and high pH formulation system and extensively applied in general cleaning agents, water-based adhesives, battery gels etc.

Features and Benefits

Efficient and effective rheology modifiers providing excellent thickening, suspension, and stabilization benefits.

1)  Provide a wide range of flow characteristics allowing the formulation of a broad variety of product forms.

2) Formulate products for laundry detergents, hard surface cleaners, polishes and protections, dish care, automotive care, air care, batteries, and agricultural products.

3)Provide good bonding and Offer stability in suitable electrolyte systems

Tab.1 NM-Carbomer products application in home care

Product Name
NM-Carbomer 690/676
NM-Carbomer SF-1 HI
NM-Carbomer 674/691
NM-Carbomer 2623
Properties in a Formulated Application
Flow Characteristics
Short flow Long Flow Long flow Long flow
Relative Viscosity
High Low Low Low
Suspending Ability(yield value)
High High High High
Relative Ion Tolerance
Low High Medium High
Relative Shear Tolerance
Low Low Low Low
All purpose cleaners, surface cleaners, drain openers, and fabric pretreatment systems

Automatic dish care, hard surface cleaners, home care cleaning systems

Surfactants Systems

Tab. 2 Newman polyacrylic acid as water-based adhensive appliaciton in industry fields

Newman Polyacrylic acid application in industry fields
Product name
NM-PA 674 NM-PA 960 NM-PA 691 NM-PA 940HC
Properties in Formulated Application
Flow Characteristics Long Short Long Short
Relative Viscosity
Low High Low High
Suspending Ability
High High High High
Relative  electrolyte  Tolerance
High High High High
Relative Shear Tolerance Low Low Low Low
Water-based adhesive system

Batteries gels

Water-based coating system

    A total of



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