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Solve the "neck jam" problem: Chemical industry "fear of collapse" supply risk?

2022-09-04 21:50:24

The Rhine River, the lifeline of the European economy, is expected to be closed to traffic from August 12 due to a drop in water levels caused by high temperatures.Meteorologists predict that the drought could continue in the coming months and that Germany's industrial heartland could suffer a repeat of the historic closure of the Rhine River in 2018, exacerbating Europe's current energy crisis.

The Rhine River basin covers nearly a third of Germany's land area and runs through some of the country's most important industrial areas, such as the Ruhr.Up to 10% of Europe's chemical transport uses the Rhine.

The Rhine accounted for about 28% of German chemical shipments in 2019 and 2020, and chemical giants such as BASF, Kotron, Lanxess and Evonik are highly dependent on transport along the Rhine for their petrochemical logistics.The current gas and coal in Europe are relatively tight, and this month the EU embargo on Russian coal officially took effect, in addition to the news that the EU will crack down on Gazprom, a series of shocking news to the global chemical industry has sounded the alarm.

Chemical giants thousands of miles apart frequently warn, and for domestic chemical enterprises, the most important thing is to bring industrial chain impact.China has a strong competitiveness in the low-end industrial chain, but it is still in a weak position in the high-end products. This situation also exists in the current chemical industry. At present, in more than 130 key basic chemical materials, 32% of varieties are still blank, 52% of varieties are still dependent on imports.

The surge in oil prices, the shortage of natural gas, the Russian coal embargo, the shortage of water and electricity, and now the disruption of transport, have also directly affected the supply of some chemical producers.

Anhui Newman fine chemicals Co., LTD. Is the top leading manufacturer of carbomers and polyacrylic acid. Our R&D team, production& technical personnel, and our sales team continuously strengthen research and development, product and process innovation based on the market and customer needsto avoid the production of carbomer and polyacrylic acid products of the "neck jam" problem.

At present, our traditional carbomer such as NM-Carbomer 940HC, NM-Carbomer 980HC, NM-Carbomer 941 quality are assured. Meantime on the basis of the layout of the whole industry chain of polyacrylic acid products,  we launched the new type polyacrylic acid products such as  NM-PA 940HCPA 674 . As high-efficient water-soluble adhesive and rheology modifier, they can provide high viscosity, excellent thickening and suspending performance with low-dosage. Performing well in challenging low and high pH formulation system and extensively applied in general cleaning agents, water-based adhesives, battery gels etc. When neutralized by alkali they form sparkling clear water or hydroalcoholic gels and creams.

Features and Benefits

l Good bonding

l High viscosity

l High suspending, thickening and stabilizing ability

l Offers stability in suitable electrolyte systems

l Provides yield value to allow for the suspension of a wide variety of insoluble materials or particles

l Shear thinning rheological properties

Recommended Applications

l Water-based adhesive

l Water-based coating

l Moisturizing gels

l Battery gels

l Surface care: cleaners


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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