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Polyacrylic acid NM-PA 674/690 application in cement adhensives

2022-09-16 11:10:57

The construction industry, like other industries, has been developing rapidly in recent years.And some technologies, new processes, new materials continue to emerge, some old-fashioned, backward processes and materials continue to be eliminated;Because these backward technology and materials do not meet the needs of current construction development.

Mixed cement mortar in the construction industry is used in many occasions. In addition to having high enough mechanical properties, it should also have the role of wall protection, decoration, thermal insulation and so on.In particular, it is required to have good workability, suitable water retention, convenient construction, high work efficiency and convenient maintenance.Among the mechanical properties, the most important is the bond strength, especially the bond strength should not be reduced after undergoing temperature changes, which is difficult for many traditional mortars to achieve.

In recent years,Mixed cement mortar has been endowed with enough functions by innovation ingredients.Such as introducing a kind of polyacrylic acid adhesives in the mixed sand, replace traditional cellulose ether or their co-mixtures. Due to water retention, excellent thickening of polyacrylic acid, excellent suspending and thickening performance, the mixing water retention of cement mortar, mechanical properties and workability are improved. And due to the thixotropy, characteristics of the shear thinned of polyacrylic acid , it is handling easily.Most importantly, with the addition of polyacrylic acid, the amount of cement used in the mixed cement mortar can be reduced, thus saving the cost of raw materials.

Anhui Newman fine chemicals Co., LTD. Is the top leading manufacturer of carbomers and polyacrylic acid. Except carbomer such as carbomer 940 HC, 980HC, 934, 941 etc, we launched the new type polyacrylic acid products such as  NM-PA 690,NM-PA 674 as high-efficient water-soluble adhesive and rheology modifier, they can provide high viscosity, excellent thickening and suspending performance with low-dosage. Performing well in challenging low and high pH formulation system and extensively applied in general cleaning agents, water-based adhesives, battery gels etc. When neutralized by alkali they form sparkling clear water or hydroalcoholic gels and creams.

Features and Benefits

l Good bonding

l High viscosity

l High suspending, thickening and stabilizing ability

l Offers stability in suitable electrolyte systems

l Provides yield value to allow for the suspension of a wide variety of insoluble materials or particles

l Shear thinning rheological properties

Recommended Applications

l Water-based adhesive

l Water-based coating

l Moisturizing gels

l Battery gels

l Surface care: cleaners


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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