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Carbomer 1342

Carbomer 1342

Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding thickening
  • Suitable for surfactant system and high electrolyte rate system
  • Excellent performance of stabilizing and suspending insoluble ingredients

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Carbomer 1342/NM –Carbomer 1342

INCI Name:Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer


Carbomer 1342/NM-Carbomer1342 is a hydrophobically modified cross-linked acrylate copolymer. It has long viscous flow property, imparts excellent thickening and suspending capability especially in surfactant systems and forms sparkling clarity gels. This property makes the product uniquely suitable for aqueous solutions or dispersions containing dissolved salts. In addition, it has improved compatibility in thickening and imparting yield value to ionic surfactants. 


Recommended Applications

 l Clear gels & Hydro-alcoholic gels     

 l Shampoos and cleaning products

 l High electrolyte system (Aloe gels, etc.)


Formula Guidelines

 l Typical use 0.2 to 1.5 wt%.

 l In systems with high concentration of surfactants, neutralization is preferred to be carried out before addition of surfactants. Otherwise the high concentration of surfactants especially catatonics and secondary surfactants would prevent the uncoiling of the polymer, affecting the viscosity, yield value and clarity of the end product.    

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