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PVP/VA 64 powder

PVP/VA 64 powder

Chemical Name Vinylpyrrolidone/ vinylacetate copolymers
CAS # 25086-89-9
Formula (C6H9NO)n(C4H6O2)m
Synonym PVP-VA

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White or creamy white, free-flowing power with characteristic smell, hygroscopic.
Soluble in water, alcohol, and other organic solvents, has good cohesiveness, hygroscopic, film forming and

surface activity character.

It is mainly used as water soluble and drying adhesive agent when making grain and pressing tablet directly.
It will be used in film coating and cover-taste agent.
It can prevent sugar coating from split and make bottom coating avoid dampness.
PVP/VA Series play a good role in film-former and hair-fixing agent.
Its hygroscopicity decreases with the increase of the proportion of vinylacetate in the molecular.
This property of PVP/VA is extremely useful as it works in hair sprays and hair-set lotion.
If it is mixed with PVP K-30, the effect of hair-fixing would be changed a lot.
Other Utility:
PVP/VA series can be used in remoisten able adhesive and other adhesives for paper or viscosity-enhancing
agent and protecting colloid for printing ink.
PVP/VA 64 series can also act as emulsifying agent, protecting colloid for planting-protecting chemicals,
Other dispersing systems and binder in coating.
Standard Packing: 25kg fiber drum. 8-9mt per 20ft container

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