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The 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) opens in Shanghai

2020-11-12 15:03:44

In November 2020, the world will focus on Shanghai again.

With concerted efforts of all parties, the third China International Import Expo (CIIE)opened in Shanghai on Wednesday, the world's largest commercial Expo this year. It can be held in Shanghai on a routine basis, releasing a strong signal. China's determination and ability to open to the outside world are very strong, and there are no obstacles that can disturb China in this fundamental direction.

This year’s CIIE is convened at a special time. COVID-19, which caught us all by surprise, has hit countries hard and dealt a heavy blow to the world economy. As scheduled and confident in the containment protocols that have been put in place, China is hosting this global trade event. It demonstrates China’s sincere desire to share its market opportunities with the world and contribute to global economic recovery.

Over the past three years since its inception, The China International Import Expo (CIIE) has enabled exhibits to become traded goods and exhibitors to spot more investment opportunities. It has facilitated an exchange of new and creative ideas, and better-connected China and the wider world. Acting as a major platform for international procurement, for investment promotion, for cultural exchange and for open cooperation, the China International Import Expo (CIIE) is now an international public good for the world to share.

President Xi Jinping mentioned in the opening ceremony. Notwithstanding COVID-19, the pace of opening in China has continued to quicken this year. The measures I announced at last year’s CIIE have been implemented to the full. China has taken steady steps to expand imports, with imports of goods and services outpacing the global average over the past year. The items on the national negative list for foreign investment have been cut from 40 to 33. The number of pilot free trade zones has increased from 18 to 21. The Master Plan for the Development of Hainan Free Trade Port and the Implementation Plan for Further Reform and Opening-up in Shenzhen have both been released and taken effect. Good progress has been registered in concluding high-standard free trade agreements, developing demonstration zones for creative promotion of import trade, protecting intellectual property rights, and advancing high-quality Belt and Road cooperation.

COVID-19 has put all countries through a tough test. In the case of China, our people have exerted extraordinary efforts and made major strategic gains in controlling the coronavirus. The Chinese economy is steadily picking up, as evidenced by the positive overall growth in the first three quarters, including a 0.7% growth in foreign trade and a 5.2% rise in paid-in foreign investment. This is a major contribution to economic recovery in the world. What’s more, out of solidarity with other countries in fighting COVID-19, the Chinese people have shared full experience and done our best to assist the international community. As of 20th October, China had helped 150 countries and seven international organizations and exported over 179 billion masks, 1.73 billion protective suits, and 543 million testing kits. This is how China has acted out its responsibility.

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Following the party's tenet, we have constantly expanded the international trade market and made positive contributions to promoting the growth of international trade and the development of the world economy.


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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