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NM-Carbomer products behave better in oral care products


With the increasing demand of consumers for healthy lifestyle, oral health is an indispensable part of life. People's awareness of oral health is stronger and stronger, and the understanding of the reasons behind oral problems is also more profound, which also promotes the continuous expansion of the oral market.

Consumers pay more attention to oral care, and the demand for products is also gradually increasing. Therefore, the competition in oral care market is becoming fiercer, and the nursing products need to "stand out". The continuous high quality of oral cleaning products is one of these trends. Any oral care product can be affected by the optimization trend, including toothpaste, mouthwash, denture care products, etc. But toothpaste is probably the most affected product because toothpaste and toothbrush make up a large part of oral health care products.

In the past few decades, toothpaste products have made great progress, and now become the center of high-quality trend. Toothpaste formulations have evolved from simple and crude tooth powder to high-value products.

what is promoting the quality of oral care products?

A major driving force for the quality of oral care is a deeper understanding of various dental diseases. For example, chronic inflammatory disease gingivitis, as well as the development of more severe periodontitis, can damage the gingival tissue and the bones that support the teeth.

New evidence suggests that dental diseases such as periodontitis are associated with serious non oral health problems. Heart disease, diabetes and respiratory diseases may be related to periodontitis, so it is more and more important to take precautions and prevent them early. Gingivitis is reversible, but periodontitis is irreversible. Regular plaque removal and the use of gingivitis prevention and control products can prevent the onset of such diseases.

Consumers have more and more knowledge of this kind of information, and their consciousness is becoming stronger, which leads to the demand for special products. In the past, oral care formulas were all simple anti caries ingredients, such as fluoride; now, oral care formulas are increasingly using new ingredients, in addition to teeth, there are more and more care effects. In addition, the information explosion and the accelerated pace of life in the digital age are also one of the driving forces for the quality of products.

What are the challenges of high-quality oral care products?

The new raw materials and active ingredients of toothpaste bring unique challenges to the formulation of oral care products. Many new active ingredients are not stable in water, so it is necessary to make an effective and stable toothpaste without water. However, the formulation of anhydrous toothpaste is difficult to develop and the production scale is difficult to expand. Therefore, the successful formula is widely sought after, and it is extremely important to select the appropriate partner.

With successful formulation development, you will have unlimited new opportunities to add innovative active ingredients to your products and gain advantages that competitors cannot match. Choosing a partner with extensive expertise can help overcome the challenge of water free formulations.

What is NM-Carbomer products role in oral care field?

Anhui Newman Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is the leading professional manufacturer & supplier of carbomer in China. NM-Carbomer products / carbomer polymers play an important role in the formulation of oral care products. Carbomer polymer as thickener can provide superior thickening effect and texture. It is suitable for the formulation of anhydrous toothpaste. In addition, Carbomer has an additional unique advantage: biological or mucosal adhesion of oral tissue. Carbomer can provide higher retention of active ingredients while lubricating and protecting sensitive oral tissues. Our pharmaceutical grade carbomer NM-Carbomer 980G/Carbopol 980G , NM-Carbomer 934p /Carbopol 934P and NM-Carbomer 974P/ Carbopol 974P,NM-Carbomer 971P/ Carbopol 971P ingredients have been widely used in all kinds of oral health products, safe and efficient, reliable, and products are exported to all over the world.


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