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Happy National day and Mid-Autumn Festival

2020-10-12 18:07:57

Red leaves dance in autumn to celebrate the ‘GuoQing’.

Chinese national day and Mid-Autumn Festival meet. The time and culture of "home" and "country" are linked, which makes people feel the feeling of home and country.

In the past moths, the Chinese people have experienced an extraordinary course. Facing COVID-19, millions of people share the same breath and fate, holding hands and hearts, singing the chorus of "unity is strength". Millions of Chinese people have linked the realization of individual value with the fate of the nation, transformed the feelings of family and country into the will of struggle, and condensed into the great power of winning the epidemic situation.

The widely sung song "country" sings: "home is the smallest country, the country is thousands of families." In China, the family is the foundation of national stability, the state is the guarantee of the safety of all families; the country focuses on thousands of families, and the people take patriotism and love their families as the virtue. Only by understanding such a family state ethics and such a "family country society", we can understand why China can adhere to the principle of putting the people first and life first, and why the Chinese people can bravely go retrograde, give up their lives, work together with one heart and one mind, actively isolate and block the disease. This is what China's strong cohesive force is tied to and where the strong vitality of the Chinese nation lies.

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First, it is the national day of the 71st anniversary, and then the Mid-Autumn Festival of Nation and family reunion. We, Anhui Newman Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. wishes our staff all happiness and our motherland prosperity.


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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