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Self-wetting improved type NM-Carbomer 30- More efficient polyacrylic acid crosslinked copolymer

2022-07-26 09:53:38

Recently, many parts of our country experienced extreme heat, and some people even died of fever. They were too hot to breathe even before they fell asleep.  Today, July 23th marks the start of the hottest dog days of the year.

We, Anhui Newman Fine Chemicals Co., LTD., as the top leading manufacturer of polyacrylic acid - Carbomer, has been focusing on introducing safer carbomers to the market to meet the diverse needs of the market. Our key technology and carbomer products have created a positive global impact on health care, personal care and other industrial fields.

We launched new improved type NM-Carbomer 30, a white powder, cross-linked homopolymer of polyacrylic acid being different from traditional carbomer 940, 980. It offers good electrolyte tolerance, high thickening performance in a broad pH range, and a rich, distinct sensory in challenging skin care formulations. NM-Carbomer 30 allows the formulator to achieve desired rheological and aesthetic properties in the presence of electrolytes or acidic actives required for consumer products. Its high electrolyte tolerance and broad pH compatibility make it ideal for formulating products with botanical extracts or water-soluble salts, as well as acidic ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, or organic acid preservatives.

In order to ensure safe and effective production, we, Anhui Newman has carried out safety drills and developed a series of protective measures to ensure effective and safe production

1. Improve working conditions, equip with protective facilities and equipment, and strengthen ventilation equipment and heat dissipation in production sites.

2, strengthen personal protection, avoid high temperature working environment, try to stay away from high heat source, avoid or reduce heat radiation.

3. Formulate reasonable work rest system, reduce operation during high temperature, increase the number of breaks, avoid outdoor high-temperature operation during high temperature as far as possible, and provide cool rest place for employees

4, there should be enough clean drinking water, supply cool drinks, cooling products and nutrition: drinking water is appropriate to a small number of times, at the same time, pay attention to not wait until thirsty to drink water.

5. Prepare towels, wind oil essence, and other heat prevention and cooling supplies. Formulate a reasonable dietary system, and supplement protein and calories in the diet.

6, operators should report in time if there are high temperature contraindications. The team leader should not arrange employees with high temperature contraindications to engage in high temperature operations

7. Pay attention to the hot weather warnings in the weather forecast.


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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