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Polymer emulsifier Newman TR-1/TR-2-- ideal for sunscreen formulations

2022-07-19 17:48:49

Today, July 16th, is the formal initiation of dog days.

Dog days refers to hot summer days.  Dog days usually occur between Minor Heat and End of Heat. They are the hottest, humid and sultry time of the year, and many parts of the country turn on "steaming" mode.  However, the hot summer, accompanied by the arrival of summer vacation, still cannot stop the short-distance parent-child travel people, when going out, it is necessary to do a good job in sunscreen, and sunscreen lotion or cream is necessities.

We, Anhui Newman Fine Chemicals Co., LTD., as the top leading manufacturer of polyacrylic acid - Carbomer, has been focusing on introducing safer carbomers to the market to meet the diverse needs of the market.

Our key technology and carbomer products have created a positive global impact on health care, personal care and other industrial fields.

Except for tradition NM-Carbomer 940HC, 980HC, 941, 934 etc, we launched Polymer emulsifier Newman TR-1/TR-2, being non-ethoxylated polymer to simplify the formulation of mild, oil-in-water emulsions great for sunscreen formulations.

NM-Carbomer TR-1/TR-2 is a high molecular weight, cross-linked copolymer of acrylic acid and a hydrophobic C10-30 alkyl acrylate co-monomer. It is a versatile, non-ethoxylated polymer designed to create stable and mild oil-in-water emulsions at low use levels. It is a great choice for use in many skin care formulations. NM-Carbomer TR-2 provides low viscosity emulsions particularly suitable for skin care applications via spray mechanism.

Features and Benefits

l  Allows for cold or hot processing enabling flexible processing requirements

l  Can emulsify the highest levels of oil, up to 50% by weight, within a pH range of 4.0 - 5.0

l  Enables formulation of water-resistant oil-in-water emulsions because formulations do not require the use of surfactants

l  Enhanced sensory - light, refreshing and light residue

l  No HLB calculation required when formulating

l  PEG-free


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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