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Polyacrylic acid Carbomer 674/ 960/960HC/690 application of cathode binder for alkaline batteries

2022-07-26 10:03:24

Gelling agent for alkaline Zinc-MnO2 battery is one of the important cathode binders.  Starch was used in the early stage, and then carboxymethyl cellulose with better chemical stability was used. At present, carbomer as cross-linked polyacrylic acid polymer, which is more stable in chemical performance, is used as the gelling agent of the battery. The gel electrolyte composed of alkaline electrolyte and gel agent is dispersed in the cathode active substance, and the gel cathode binder is prepared.

Zinc-MnO2 battery paste thickener (also known as thickener or adhesive) is one of the key factors affecting Zinc-MnO2 battery discharge performance, storage performance, anti-vibration performance and internal gas volume.  In recent decades, battery technologists have been focusing on finding new Zinc-MnO2 battery paste thickener material which is beneficial to improve battery performance and has relatively stable performance.  The selection of thickener for Zinc-MnO2 battery paste also reflects the technological progress of alkaline Zinc-MnO2 battery in the world.  Some traditional cellulose due to poor stability in high concentration of strong alkali solution, especially when the battery is stored at a higher temperature is easy to dehydration and hydrolysis, separated electrolyte to the seal and positive ring direction migration, so that the positive ring (depolarizer easy) loose.

When polyacrylic acid is used or mixed with sodium polyacrylic acid as thickener, the cell made of zZinc-MnO2 battery paste has a lower gas volume, and its electrical performance, storage performance and anti-vibration performance are better, and its technological adaptability is better.

As a the top leading manufacturer of polyacrylic acid and carbomer products, Poylyacryli acid, NM-Carbomer 674, carbomer 960, carbomer 940HC and carbomer 690 with the crosslinking network structure, excellent suspension property and thixotropy, can prevent powder the cathode active material to settle down. Because of carbomer suspending performance and high thixotropic fluidity, the battery has strong impact resistance and can quickly return to its original state after shaking.  So that the gel agent shows the following characteristics:

1) Stable and good liquid retention in alkaline electrolyte, low deterioration rate of long-term storage performance at room temperature or high temperature.

2) In the alkaline electrolyte in a gel state, as the cathode active material zinc powder disperses fully stable.

3) The negative electrode gelation state should not flicker as far as possible, and its performance remains stable after battery drop and vibration.

4) When used at room temperature, the terminal voltage fluctuation which is easy to occur at the end of intermittent discharge should be prevented.

For information on the use of NM-carbomer 674, carbomer 960, carbomer 960HC , and carbomer 690 in alkaline batteries, please feel free to contact the our technical and sales team.


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