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See you at the131st session Canton Fair online:April 15~24,2022

2022-04-20 17:12:59

The Press Conference for the opening of the 131st session of China Import and Export Fair was held in Canton Fair Complex in the morning of April 14. Mr. Xu Bing, Spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, introduced the characteristics, highlights and preparation of this session to the press from home and abroad.

Xu stated that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council care very much about the Canton Fair. President Xi Jinping sent congratulatory letters to Canton Fair twice and noted that it made important contribution, pointing a way for its innovative development. Premier Li Keqiang attended and addressed the opening ceremonies twice. This year is essential to the building of a modern socialist country and the new journey toward the second centenary goal. The 20th CPC National Congress will be held. Yet the epidemic is still spreading across the globe, with the world economic recovery facing instabilities and trade in goods losing its momentum. Standing at the important historic point, the hosting of a high-quality online 131st Canton Fair fully demonstrates China’s confidence and resolution to expand opening-up and cooperation with other countries. It is conductive to further consolidate the achievements of epidemic control as well as economic and social development, protect market entities, market shares, and the stability of industrial chain and supply chains, and promote world trade cooperation and economic recovery.

In the new development stage, we will follow through the new development concept and make every effort to ensure the 131st session a successful and effective one, so as to better serve the new development paradigm.

Xu said that the 131st Canton Fair has optimized and upgraded the official website with a better application of digital technologies. To improve matchmaking effectiveness and user experience, the Fair has updated its official website system to optimize configuration of global network acceleration in order to improve the speed of cross-border access and search accuracy. Supported by the new website framework, the exhibitor and product data are restructured to enable quicker response to user operations. The Fair has also upgraded functions by adding tags for specialized, high-tech or time-honored Chinese brands and green or intelligent products for easy recognition. New columns such as Product Release and Featured Livestream are set up to allow companies display brand images in a comprehensive way. Moreover, with authorization, exhibitors can check buyer information, get their business cards and initiate instant messaging. Apart from more convenient interaction, more considerate services are also offered with training sessions, video guides, and round-the-clock intelligent customer service specially provided for exhibiting companies and buyers, facilitating better use of the platform. Since it is held online, cybersecurity is the top priority. Security testing was carried out to ensure the sound and stable operation of the website.

An online-offline integrated model is adopted. Online applications will be received on a 24-hour basis and experts are invited to handle disputes offline. In the preparation stage, we have invited exhibitors, trade delegations and business associations to learn about the online complaint registration in advance, and the inspection of exhibiting samples are also strengthened. During the exhibition, we will work hard to handle complaints concerning IPR and trade disputes. After the conclusion, we will actively follow the disposal of products and companies suspected of infringement

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