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Carbomer 934P/974P/980G application in oral care products

2022-05-31 16:10:30

NM-Carbomer 974P, 934P, 980G are as efficient thickeners and binders and provide suspension of non-soluble actives or excipients in oral care products and other oral care products including gels, mouthwash, desensitizing and whitening products, as well as denture adhesives.. The viscoelastic structure of NM- Carbomer 974P, 934P, 980G impart shear-thinning rheology and low thixotropy which enables a clean ribbon of toothpaste to be extruded from the tube. Additionally, NM-Carbomer 974P, 934P, 980G can be used to aid in the adhesion and delivery of dental formulations to the teeth and mucosa.

Here is Feature and property for toothpaste and oral care products

• Highly efficient thickeners, co-binders in combination with cellulosic polymers, and/or binders, enabling excellent formulation characteristics at low usage levels.

• The preferred thickener for anhydrous compositions

• Excellent mucoadhesive polymers, which protect and lubricate the mucosa as well as allow for prolonged active and flavor retention.

• Ideal for enabling formulations that exhibit reduced stringiness, a significant advantage when using high-speed tube-filling machines.

• Optimal for providing enhanced aesthetics,such as toothpaste ribbon stand-up and high clarity gels

• Compliant with global pharmacopeia and regulatory requirements and possess a long history of product quality, safety, reproducibility, and supply chain security

Usually, there are three different processes for toothpaste production: Glue open, premixing and pre-dispersion. And Glue open is commonly applied and process is as follows:

Firstly sprinkle carbomer powders on the surface of deionized water which can  be heated to about 40 degrees, until carbomer powder is completely dispersed, then stir the dispersion and add the neutralizer.  Under vacuum stirring, other ingredients in the formula were slowly added for homogeneous paste degassing.

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North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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