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How to choose suitable carbomers in your formulation

2022-07-12 18:06:01

As the toping leading manufacturer of carbomer products, Newman Chemicals have been launching NM-Carbomer products for more than 11 years. Our key technology and carbomer products have created a positive global impact on personal care and pharmaceuticals industry. Our business and technical team partners with customers to develop, manufacture and market NM-Carbomer products and formulations for personal care products and pharmaceuticals that enhance functional performance and deliver aesthetic benefits that help people to live a better and healthier life.

When you read ingredient list on the back of a personal care products, and pharmaceuticals, you may have noticed this word before: carbomer. Unfamiliar to most, you might've completely glossed over this ingredient without a second thought, but carbomers are in tons of personal care products and pharmaceuticals. Carbomer are cross-linked poly acrylic acid. carbomer as rheology modifier are extensively applied in domestics, and as excipients in pharmaceuticals, being good suspending and thickening.

In personal care products, traditional carbomer such as NM-Carbomer 940 HC, carbomer 980 HC , 960 and carbomer 970 , carbomer 990, carbomer 996 are high viscosity, short flow property.

And Carbomer 941, carbomer 981 are lower viscosity , low flow property.

Improved carbomer such as   Carbomer2020 and Carbomer20, carbomer 30, carbomer 10, carbomer 21, carbomer 1342 are suitable for surfactant system and high electrolyte formulation system.

For pharmaceuticals field, our pharmaceutical grade carbomer are safer and healthier.

Carbomer Homopolymer Type A is NM-Carbomer 71G, 981G ,carbomer 971P , with low viscosity application lotion , tablet binder, extended-release polymers etc.

Carbomer Homopolymer Type B is NM-Carbomer 934P, carbomer 974P with higher viscosity application in gels, toothpaste, anhydrous toothpaste , tablet binder, extended-release polymers etc..

Carbomer Homopolymer Type C is NM-Carbomer 980G with highest viscosity application in gels, tablet binder, extended-release polymers etc.

Carbomer Copolymer Type A is NM-Carbomer 1342G , and TR-2P with low viscosity.

Carbomer Copolymer Type B is NM-Carbomer 1382G , and TR-1 P with higher viscosity.

Carbomer interpolymer Type A is NM-Carbomer 10G , and

Carbomer interpolymer Type B is NM-Carbomer 2020G .


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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