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Welcome our stand 2R 16 PCHi2021,24-26March,Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

2021-04-18 18:30:40

PCHi 2021 will be held on 24-26 March 2021 in Shenzhen — one of the world’s most influential and dynamic technological innovation centers.

PCHi 2021 will set a new record in exhibition scale with more than 700 exhibitors from all over the world, nearly 30,000 visitors and more than 100 authoritative experts gathered in Shenzhen, working with clients, partners and friends all over the world to see beauty and the future!

Anhui Newman Fine Chemicals Co., ltd, as a leading manufacturer of carbomer products, carbomer suppliers are looking forward to our customers and friends to our stand 2R16.

Keeping our original aspiration in mind, we focus on the source of beauty and what leads beauty trends. Our work enriches the world, yet we have not forgotten that ultimate beauty comes from within ourselves. Innovations sustain beauty, and technologies drive innovations. Always adhere to the "technology" as the guide to lead the industry, according to the needs of the industry, pioneering and innovative, constantly developing advanced technology enterprises and engineers.

To meet the increasing demand carbomer application in hand sanitizing gels and antibacterial hand gels, fighting against COVID-19,we launch our carbomer 1382/ Carbopol 1382, carbomer 1342/ Carbopol 1342, with excellent thickening and clarity capability especially in hydroalcoholic &surfactant systems and forms sparkling clarity gels. In addition to our traditional Carbopol carbomer 940 , 940HC ,941 980HC, 980, 990, 981,  our carbomer 21/Carbopol Ultrez 21,carbomer 2020/ETD 2020, carbomer 20/Ultrez20, carbomer 10/Ultrez 10 behave better with high viscosity and clarity in in hand sanitizing gels and antibacterial hand gels formulation.

Also, our professional technical service team will be with our experienced sales team, are cherishing to meet our customers and friends at our stand 2R16.

Spring is a season for cultivation, and summer is a season for growth. Beauty may occasionally be late, but it is never absent. Cherishing to meeting with customers, partners, and friends from around the world then to create a brighter future for the beauty industry.


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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