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The resurgence of the local epidemic sound the alarm - Anhui and Liaoning province with a few case

2021-06-15 10:10:00

On 13th, May, a patient in Lu 'an City, Anhui Province was diagnosed with COVID-19 after a routine nucleic acid test. In the following days, other confirmed cases were found in Anhui and Liaoning province. The epidemic was caught off guard, and the alarm sound again!

At present, the global epidemic situation is still grim and complex. In general, novel coronavirus variants showed an accelerated trend, As WHO data showing that the mutation frequency of novel coronavirus increased from 0.1 per thousand to 1.3 per thousand.

At the same time, the number of countries where novel coronavirus variants have been found is also increasing. The variant in the UK has been found in more than 130 countries and regions, In South Africa has being found in 80 countries and regions, and in Brazil being found in 45 countries and regions. "The newly discovered variant in India is of great concern to the international community. The mutant has been found in at least 44 countries and territories. “He Qinghua, first-level inspector of the CDC under the National Health Commission, said that as the epidemic continues to spread abroad, there will be new mutant strains.

In domestic, since the report found first case in Liuan and Anhui province on May 13th, in a few days the number of confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections has been on the rise in Anhui and Liaoning province parts that has been upgraded to risk region. With the survey, epidemic shows high correlation in Anhui and Liaoning province, who have a contact between those diagnosed.

Therefore, in the face of changes in the global epidemic, it is imperative to keep a tight rein on epidemic prevention and control. In the critical period, the most effective response is to speed up vaccination, which remains an effective means to prevent and control the epidemic. The outbreaks in Anhui and Liaoning province are a wake-up call: to build immune barriers, vaccination is not a multiple-choice question!

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North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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