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NM-Carbomer/Carbopol polymers, Learning from the "July 1 medal" winners of the noble quality

2021-07-01 22:00:15

The July 1 medal, the highest honor in the Communist Party of China (CPC), was presented for the first time on the 100th anniversary of the CPC founding.  On the morning of June 29, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), personally decorated them with the July 1 Medal at Great Hall of the People

At the award ceremony, President Xi Jinping said, "The winners of the July 1 Medal are all from the people and rooted in the people. They are ordinary heroes who stand on their duty and contribute silently."

Ordinary hero, short words but resounding.  This is the "July 1 Medal" of the winners of the high praise, but also to their spiritual quality of the high summary.  "They vividly embody the Chinese Communists' noble qualities and spirit of firm faith, practice the purpose, struggle and dedication, integrity and devotion to public service."

We, Anhui Newman Fine chemicals Co., ltd, and our branch Anhui Newman Hi-tech Co., ltd, are the top leading manufacturer of carbomer/Carbopol polymers. We have been providing cost-efficient product to our customers. And work together and fighting again COVID-19 with all over people. on the 100th anniversary of the CPC founding, we should learn from July 1 Medal" of the winners and try our best to fafuli social responsibility. Meantime, launching more clean production process, safer and healthy NM-Carbomer products/ Carbopol polymers to service mankind.

Many of the 29 winners of the July 1 Medal are heroes who came from extraordinary times.  In the face of the epidemic of COVID-19, the Chinese people are keenly aware of the greatness of ordinary heroes around them.  Medical workers dressed in white armor, marching backwards to battle, project builders working day and night, community workers working day and night, as well as logistics support workers.  In these ordinary people lies the greatest power.

The new era, everyone is great!  Learning from the "July 1 medal" winners , and each of us should strive to be ordinary heroes. We have been improving product quality. NM- carbomer 980HC, Carbopol 980, NM-Carbomer 940HC, Carbopol 940 , NM-Carbomer 996/676, carbomer 2020/Carbopol ETD2020 behave better in personal care products . NM-Carbomer 934P/Carbopol 934P and 974P, 971P, 981NF, 980NF as pharmaceutical excipient are safer. They are applied in Oral liquid, suspension and emulsion, Sustained release formulation by matrix system, Ophthalmic gel, and eye lotion. And Transdermal (skin) drug delivery.

North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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