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Carbomer & Carbopol 940/980 /934 cost increasing due to crude oil and raw materials price rising

2021-06-25 15:51:13

COVID-19 is still spreading all over the world. And alter us profoundly.

We, We, Anhui Newman Fine chemicals Co., ltd, and our branch Anhui Newman Hi-tech Co., ltd, are the top leading manufacturer of carbomer products. We have been providing cost-efficient product to our customers. And work together and fighting again COVID-19 with all over people. Our carbomer 940 HCCarbomer 980HC are more higher clarity and viscosity in personal care products and health care products such as hand sanitizer gels,

Crude oil and raw chemical materials price rising!

Recently, due to the influence of foreign epidemic situation, geopolitics and other factors, international crude oil continues to soar dramatically. As one of the basic energy products, the price of petroleum undoubtedly has a significant impact on the chemical industry. Buoyed by news of rising oil prices, some domestic and foreign chemical

companies are informing customers of price increases.

In addition to the crude oil field, the coal field has also seen a large area of price rise. Under such a background, the industrial chain involved in petroleum and coal chemical industry will be greatly affected. It is only a matter of time for the price rise of chemical products later.

At present, in the whole chemical market, the reason why we can see most of the chemical products queuing up to grab the goods is the "monopoly" factor on the one hand, and the geopolitical conflict on the other hand, the national currency inflation. In addition, the epidemic in some overseas areas has not been effectively controlled. For example, in developing countries such as India and Vietnam, the production capacity in many chemical fields has not been effectively released, causing many international enterprises to carry out short-term strategic transfer and resulting in the backflow of orders in some are.

Due to increasing of crude oil and raw chemical material price, Carbomer / Carbopol polymer, such as carbomer/Carbopol 940, carbomer 980/Carbopol 980, carbomer 934/Carbopol 934 , 941, 981 cost and price will increase since their raw material price is increasing from petroleum chemicals.

Meantime, we try to improve our production process and launch more customer tailored carbomer product to reduce the pressure from raw materials. NM-Carbomer 934P and 974P as pharmaceutical excipient are safer. They are applied in Oral liquid, suspension and emulsion, Sustained release formulation by matrix system, Ophthalmic gel and eye lotion. And Transdermal (skin) drug delivery.


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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