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Carbomer application in Ultrasound gels

2020-03-24 14:45:14

Ultrasound applications have found their way into the standard repertoire of cosmetic and health care treatments. What is the role of ultrasound gels?

In order to avoid intense sound reflections at the borderlines between ultrasonic head and skin resulting from air pockets, it is necessary to use ultrasonic media. Ultrasonic media must be absolutely free of air bubbles in order to ensure the perfect sound transmission. Liquids like water and alcohols basically are suitable media however rather inappropriate with regard to their volatility and low viscosity. That is why specific gels such as ultrasound gels have been developed

As a matter of fact, gels are liquids that contain thickening agents to improve their spread ability on the skin.

Thickening and gliding characteristics of the hydrogels are achieved exclusively by adding carbomer such as brand name NM-Carbomer, Lubrizol Carbopol polymer. Carbomer polymer are polyacrylic acid (polyacrylates) whose salts can bind enormous amounts of water. Sodium salts are listed in the INCI as sodium carbomer or carbomer and sodium hydroxide. On first sight the content of sodium hydroxide insinuates that a health risk may be associated with the application, however, it is only used as a neutralizing agent in the manufacturing process and no longer present in the ready-made gel.

Due to their chain length (high molecular weight) carbomer polymer are not absorbed by the skin. Residues on the skin surface even have a caring effect due to their filming characteristics that can be improved by additives like xanthan gum, which is a biotechnologically produced polysaccharide. Xanthan gum also has thickening properties and increases the gliding characteristics of the ultrasound gel. Similar to the application of hyaluronic acid xanthan has a pleasant smoothing effect on the skin and in addition, it provides an excellent moisturizing capacity. The TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) will be slightly reduced if residues of the gel remain on the skin surface. Further water binding effects within the skin are achieved by adding glycerin, glycols and sugar alcohols, as for example sorbitol.

As a leading manufacturer of carbomer product, Anhui Newman fine chemicals co., ltd provide different carbomer types such as NM-Carbomer 980, carbomer 940, carbomer 940G, carbomer 980G being cost-efficient and workable for Ultrasound gels.Tab.1 shows the formulation for Ultrasound gels

Tab.1-1 Formulation for Fuel gel

Chemical Name

Weight ration


Deionized water








Rheology modifier

sodium hydroxide






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