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Carbomer application in hand sanitizing gels

2020-03-24 14:43:51

The 2019 novel coronavirus, known as the "2019-ncov", was identified in the wuhan viral pneumonia case in 2019 and was named by the world health organization on January 12, 2020.Pneumonia from a novel coronavirus is a new disease that has spread throughout the country. In the special period, under the call of the central committee of the CPC, the people of the whole country have made progress in fighting against the epidemic.

We, Anhui Newman fine chemical co., LTD., as the world's leading manufacturer of carbomer, would like to join hands with the people of the country, "roll up your sleeves and work harder, the more difficult the more forward"! Newman carbomer series products such as carbomer 20, carbomer 21, carbomer 2020, carbomer 1342, carbomer 940 behave better in hand sanitizing gels. We will continue to launch safer carbomer series products to serve human health!

Here is the hand sanitizing gels procedure,

1.Disperse NM-carbomer polymer by sprinkling on the surface of deionized water. Mix slowly at low speed.

2. Slowly add ethanol with gentle mixing. Allow as much air to escape as possible before proceeding.

3. Add the TEA with gentle sweeping motion to minimize air entrapment. Mix until uniform.

Tab.1 Formulation for a hand sanitizing gels

Chemical Name

Weight %


Deionized water





Rheology modifier




Triethanolamine (TEA)



Especially some suggestion for Personal Protection and Hand Hygiene,

1. It is recommended that a mask shall be worn when going out. A surgical or N95 mask shall be worn when visiting public areas, hospitals or taking public transportation.

2. Keep your hands sanitized. Try to avoid touching public objects and parts in public areas. After returning from public areas, covering your cough, using the restroom, and before meals, please wash your hands with soap or liquid soap under running water, or use hand sanitizing gels.


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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