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Newman carbomer/Carbopol polymers are cost efficient when price rise tide of chemicals is coming
  • 2021-07-27 12:00:56

According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, among more than 130 kinds of key basic chemical materials, 32 percent of China's varieties are still blank, and 52 percent are still dependent on imports.  However, the force majeure of overseas chemical giants undoubtedly "cut off" the source of some chemicals that depend on imports, and many chemical industry chains and derivative industry chains are also faced with the loss of important raw materials.

We, Anhui Newman Fine Chemical Co., LTD., Anhui Newman High-tech Co., LTD., is the top leading manufacturer of carbomer products.  We have been providing customers with cost-efficient carbomer/Carbopol products.  Fighting against COVID-19 with all over the people NM- Carbomer 940HC and carbomer 980HC behave better with higher clarity and viscosity in personal care and health care products, especially in hand sanitizer gels, hydroalcoholic gels.

When many enterprises transfer their purchasing objects to domestic chemical enterprises, the domestic chemical market is faced with the impact of rainstorm, flood, maintenance and force majeure, and the market inventory is sharply reduced, which triggers the anxiety of chemical workers.  Insiders said that the current supply and demand balance has been seriously broken, want to start business, raw materials must rely on "grab".  Before the epidemic of COVID-19 has not completely disappeared, the mismatch between supply and demand of chemical products will worsen. It is expected that the supply and demand pattern of the global chemical industry chain will be further improved, and the "panic buying wave" may give rise to a new wave of "price hike wave".

Due to increasing of raw chemical material price, Carbomer / Carbopol polymer, such as carbomer/Carbopol 990, carbomer 9410/Carbopol 941, carbomer 21/20/10, Carbopol Ultrez 20/21/10 cost and price will increase.

Meantime, we try to improve our production process and launch more customer tailored carbomer product to reduce the pressure from raw materials. NM-Carbomer 971Pand 980G, Carbopol 971P/980NF as pharmaceutical excipient are safer. They are applied in Oral liquid, suspension and emulsion, Sustained release formulation by matrix system, Ophthalmic gel, and eye lotion. And Transdermal (skin) drug delivery.

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North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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