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PCHi 2021 , Neman Carbomer products

2021-04-18 18:31:06

PCHi (Personal care and home care ingredients) will be held in Shenzhen from March 24 to 26, 2021!

At present, China is leading the world in epidemic prevention and control for economic recovery. Life, work, and business activities in China have completely returned to normal. China's effective coordination on epidemic prevention and recovery has provided a strong guarantee for sustained economic recovery. The economic recovery is also promoting the continuous expansion of China's personal care products market size.

PCHi 2021 have been pursuing in its characteristic theme "PCHi Technology - Power - Spirit", based on “see the beauty, see the future" as the theme, with forward-looking" and "controversial" hot topic. As Chinese consumers pursue more perfect personal care products, China has become the second largest medical beauty market in the world. The safety and effectiveness of medical skincare products are important considerations for consumers to make decisions.

Influenced by all over market economic recovery and raw chemical material price increasing dramatically, personal care products raw material price is increasing also. We, Anhui Newman Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd., as the leading manufacturer and supplier of carbomer/Carbopol products, have been fulfilling to provide carbomer products in all over the market with the good quality and price always.

NM-Carbomer 980G /Carbopol 980NF, NM-Carbomer 974/Carbopol 974P, NM-Carbomer 971/Carbopol 971P, NM-Carbomer 934/Carbopol 934P, as excipient are pharmaceutical grade and more safety. NM-Carbomer 940/Carbopol 940, NM--Carbomer 676/Carbopol 676, Carbomer 996, and NM- Carbomer 2020(ETD 2020), NM-Carbomer 20(Carbopol Ultrez 20), NM-Carbomer 21(Carbopol Ultrez 21), NM-Carbomer 10(Carbopol Ultrez 10) as cosmetic grade are applied widely in personal care products formulation.

PCHi 2021, on 24~26, March , 2021, we, our sales and technical team will gather in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in our stand 2R16, cherishing to seeing to you!


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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