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Development of Shampoo and hair care products market

2024-04-03 17:06:01

All major categories in the cosmetics industry have fallen into a trend of decline,  but washing care is now the most favored category by enterprises. Looking at today's washing care market, competition can be described as very fierce.

However, from the overall status of the washing care market, international brands still occupy the majority. The selling points of domestic brands for high-end washing and care are not highly focused and condensed, and the positioning is often too vague. In the high-end wash appeal point, the major domestic brands are the same attention from the hair to the scalp, but in the actual products, basically in the anti-dandruff anti-itch and other traditional mature efficacy of the concept of high-end wash, resulting in product efficacy is mostly the same, and the traditional wash is not much different, did not give consumers a very penetrating appeal pain point. In other words, at present, most of the so-called domestic high-end washing brands still stay in the concept, in terms of product quality and efficacy, and there is no obvious difference in experience with public washing and care, and the contrast is too poor. 

The development of a category is naturally inseparable from the upgrading of technology. In view of today's market trend, the technological upgrading of Shampoo and hair care products must also develop in the direction of safety and effectiveness. Especially in the "post-epidemic era", consumers pay more attention to the health and safety of toiletries. When it comes to health and safety, many people think of all-natural formulas. In fact, pure natural plant extraction has been a relatively outdated technology, and according to relevant research, pure natural plant extraction cannot be completely natural, let alone completely ensure the safety of products. Biotech ingredients are more contemporary than purely natural plants. For example, some Shampoo and hair care products brands have begun to apply "micro-ecology" technology to washing and care products, through the management and regulation of scalp "microbial colony", to build a complete ecological balance of the whole scalp and hair, to maintain the scalp health of consumers. From this point of view, the higher end Shampoo and hair care products technology has been sublimated from traditional hair care to systematic management of scalp health.

Product safety should be controlled from the source, such as raw materials. Carbomers, acrylates copolymer as rheology modifier , have been extensively applied in personal care product such as shampoos , pharmaceuticals filed for more than 70 years due to  its efficient thickening and suspending performance, high safety, and no irritation to human skin.

We, Anhui Newman Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd., are the global top leading manufacture of carbomer and related polymers. Especially our NM-Carbomer 20,2020,21,30,10 etc are hydrophobically modified, cross-linked acrylate copolymers. In addition to the efficient thickening, suspension, and other functions of traditional carbomer such as NM-Carbomer 990,996,960,970, etc., they self- wet  and disperses quickly in minutes, which remarkably meet formulators’ ease-use need. They have higher electrolyte tolerance and handle a higher level of surfactant actives, being ideally suited for use in formulations containing higher levels of oils, botanical ingredients such as shampoos and hair care products, and hydroalcoholic gels.

 Also, liquid carbomer such as NM-Carbomer SF-1, with INCI name: acrylates copolymer, NM-Carbomer Aqua10 with Acrylates/Beheneth-25 methacrylate copolymer. And NM-Carbomer Aqua 20, NM-Carbomer 25 with INCI name Acrylates/ Steareth-20 Methacrylate Copolymer. 

As Anionic hydrophobic modified alkali swelling acrylic polymer emulsions (HASE), they are easy-to-use liquid form and can be instantly thickened and after providing easy handling to improve production efficiency. Due to the special chemical structure, it has excellent salt resistance, especially suitable for the formulation system with high surfactant content, such as anti-dandruff shampoo, shower gels, facial cleanser liquid soap, etc.

To control the impurities and residues of risk substances in our NM-Carbomers, we has tested and checked the raw materials used in production, production process, packaging and other links, so as to ensure the safety of Newman Carbomer products.

Anhui Newman have been approved by ISO9001 quality system, ISO 14001 environmental system and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety system certification in 2015. In January 2023, we successfully passed the assessment conducted by Eco Vadis, a global social responsibility assessment company, actively fulfilled the SA8000 social responsibility standard, reduced pollution emissions, rationally used resources, and ensured that the environment continued to meet the standards. And we constantly improved the construction of the company's social responsibility management system, and effectively fulfilled social responsibilities.


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