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Carbomer property and Characteristic range of molecular weight


Carbomer Polyethylene a polymer cross linked by acrylic acid andallyl sucrose. As anexcipient, Carbomer has been widely used pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry and other related industries in the United Kingdom and the United States Pharmacopoeia. It is mainly used as thickening agent, suspending agent and binder in medicament, skeleton material and blocker of sustained release preparation, and film coating material of solid preparation, which can be used as mucosal adhesive matrix in combination with HPC. Shanghai people's Pharmaceutical Factory has produced the product.

Properties of carbomer Depending on the degree of polymerization, there are various types of products,Carbomer property and  Characteristic range of molecular weight(approximate value) of variety.

Carbomer 9401 × 106The effect of high viscosity and viscosity enhancement is good for external preparations and cosmetics.

Carbomer 9411 × 106The viscosity is low, under different conditions, even in ionic solution, stable emulsion or suspension can be obtained. Emulsifying stabilizers for transdermal preparations and transparent high and low viscosity gels, as well as daily washing and cosmetics Carbomer 9341 × 106High viscosity and good stability can be used in high concentration gel, emulsion and suspension.

Carbomer 934P4 × 106934 High Purity products used in Oral preparations

Carbomer 9811× 106Good ionic resistance, long viscoelastic life, low viscosity, permanent suspension, emulsion Carbomer is white, loose, acidic, hygroscopic and slightly smelly, soluble in water, ethanol, and glycerol.

Carbomer Polyethylene


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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