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Carbomer application in ultrasonic gels – Anhui Newman chemicals

2021-09-18 17:05:51

With the development of society, ultrasound technology is more and more used in medical equipment. It is widely accepted because of its high diagnostic accuracy and good therapeutic effect. Coupling agent in the examination is necessary to strengthen the coupling between the ultrasonic probe and the human body skin, isolate the air between the ultrasonic probe and the skin under examination. Also, the acoustic conduction is not affected by the air and attenuation to achieve clear imaging effect and accurate diagnosis results.

In the early stage, ultrasonic coupler mainly used mineral oil (including petroleum jelly, butter), vegetable oil, silicone oil, etc., whose acoustic characteristics were poor, it was difficult to obtain high-quality ultrasonic images, and it was easy to stimulate the skin, damage the probe, dirty clothes, not easy to clean and other shortcomings.

With the development of ultrasonic medical, medical ultrasonic coupling agent has been in progress,Carbomer 940, carbomer 980 as excipients are applied extensively, proving efficient rheology modification and thickening.

We, Anhui Newman chemicals, as the leading manufacturer of carbomer products, our carbomer products such as carbomer 940G,Carbomer 934P, carbomer 974P, carbomer 980G have been used extensively in the health field as excipient. Especially, our carbomer products behave better in ultrasonic gels, providing critical qualities to address market needs,


1)    Ideal Aesthetic and Sensory Qualities – increase patient compliance through low-irritation, aesthetically pleasing formulations with optimal feel

2)    Efficient Rheology Modification and thickening

3)    2suitable viscosity, non-greasy, not easy to dry, good lubrication performance,


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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