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Carbomer 934/974P/1382/940HC/980HC at the 132nd session Canton Fair online

2022-11-11 15:31:31

Golden autumn, 132 Canton Fair are hold online and has injected new momentum into the recovery of the global economy and trade. The Canton Fair online platform breaks through the limitations of time and space, allowing Chinese manufacturers and buyers from all over the world to talk about business

Chance favors the prepared mind.Anhui Neumann Fine Chemical Co., LTD., as the top leading manufacturer of carbomer, polyacrylic acid and related polymers, took advantage of the unique charm of cloud exhibition to participate in the Canton Fair. Our team, through the careful planning of the department, carried out a number of wires shows at the Canton Fair, and not only launched cost-effective traditional products, our carbomer 940HC ,980HC ,996, 990 etc.,Focus on introducing new products with INCI name Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Cross polymer, NM-Carbomer 1342, 1382, 20,2020 etc. they are hydrophobically modified cross-linked acrylate copolymer, Delivering excellent thickening efficiency at a broad pH range which makes them a good choice for wide applications. they have higher electrolyte tolerance and handle a higher level of surfactant actives,

The pandemic has profoundly changed the world, and people are paying more attention to a safe and healthy way of life.Anhui Newman launched the closely related to pharmaceutical grade carbomer, carbomer homopolymer type A/B/C, such as NM-Carbomer 934P, 974P, 971P, 980G, and carbomer copolymer, carbomer interpolymer such asNM-Carboemr2020NF/2020G, 1382G and 10G/10NF series models.These products meet the requirements of major pharmacopoeia such as Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020, US Pharmacopoeia USP/NF, European Pharmacopoeia EP, British Pharmacopoeia BP and other relevant regulations.We, Anhui Newman Chemicals business and technical team partners with customers to speed innovative health care field to market. Our Neman carbomer products as high-performance excipients are used in a wide range of applications including health care products, semisolid and liquid formulations, oral care products.

Also, Anhui Newman also brought considerable traffic to the company through the professional and novel forms and contents of live broadcasting, such as visiting factories, workshops and laboratories. We obtained many electronic business cards from purchasers and finalized the intended orders after timely following up communication.

The pandemic COVId-19 has profoundly changed the world, spawning new models of supply and demand. "We must embrace the change and find a breakthrough.By participating in the online Canton Fair, the team's ability has been greatly improved.Every day we are busy preparing the content of the connection display, busy replying to customer enquiries, tired and happy, watching the backstage live data rise all the way, everyone's morale is high.In the future, Anhui Newman will continue to make good use of the Canton Fair online platform and strive for more cooperation.


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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