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The global cosmetics raw material market scale will reach 33.8 billion us dollars in 2025
  • 2019-10-09 18:10:00

Along with the global consumer pursue beauty trend, the demand for cosmetics in the rapid growth,cosmetics raw material market scale increases rapidly. We, Anhui Newman fine chemicals Co., Itd., as a leading professional manufacturer of carbomer products, responds to the call of the times, especially on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the People's Republic of China, and grows up with the republic of China.

Transparency Market Research, a Market Research institute located in New York, USA, published the report "global cosmetics raw material Market scale: global industry analysis, scale Market share, growth, trends and prospects in 2017-2025", which pointed out that the global Market scale will expand to 33.8 billion us dollars in 2025, and the Market scale will grow by 4.6% annually on average during 2017-2025 years.

From the north American market to Europe and the Asia-pacific region, the cosmetics raw material market scale has shown a steady growth trend. Rising awareness ofskin careamong consumers and the popularity of anti-aging cosmetics play an important role to the growth of the global market for cosmetic ingredients.

The report stresses that consumers' changing demands for cosmetics open the door to opportunities in the global cosmetics raw materials market. From the perspective of different regions, the Asia-pacific region accounts for the largest market share of the global cosmetic’s raw material. The reason is that the economic development of the Asia-pacific region is low, and the income of the people in the region is rising, which greatly improves the living standard of consumers. Improvements in living standards naturally make people more conscious of not only their appearance but also their self-grooming.

China, Japan and India are the major countries that dominate the cosmetics raw material market scale in the Asia-pacific region. By 2025, the cosmetics raw material market scale in these countries will continue to grow rapidly.

Especially in China, China's cosmetics manufacturers not only have a large number of enterprises, but also low raw material prices, major enterprises also expand investment, the market growth is eye-catching, under this background,China's cosmetics raw material sales scale is expected to achieve impressive growth trend in the future.

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North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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