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SCCS -Final Opinion on Sunscreen ingredient, Benzophenone-4
  • 2024-06-03 09:04:53

Diphenylene-4, a sunscreen ingredient is listed in Article 22 of Annex VI to the EU Regulation on Cosmetics (EC) No 1223/2009, with a maximum permissible concentration of 5% (in acids). Its reported use functions are "UV stabilizer" and "UV absorber".

Historical assessment

The SCCNFP (predecessor of SCCS, the Scientific Committee for Cosmetics and Non-Food Products of the European Union) conducted a safety assessment of diphenylene-4 in 1999 and concluded that "diphenylene-4 can be safely used in cosmetic sunscreen formulations up to a concentration of 5% (in acids)". There are no further restrictions on the use in cosmetics.

In early 2019, the European Commission established a priority list of 28 endocrine disrupting substances that have not yet been banned or restricted for safety assessment after collecting data, and benzophenone-4 was one of the substances that solicited data.

During the data collection phase, stakeholders submitted scientific evidence demonstrating the safety of diphenylene-4 as a cosmetic UV filter, and SCCS re-evaluated the safety of diphenylene-4 based on the information provided.

What's New

In 2024, SCCS again issued its assessment of benzophenone-4:

Based on the safety assessment and taking into account concerns related to potential endocrine disrupting properties, SCCS believes that when used as a sunscreen in sunscreens, creams, hand creams, all resident and drenching products (total transdermal exposure), lip balms, sunscreen booster sprays and pump sprays, alone or in combination (based on total exposure), A maximum concentration of 5% is considered safe.

In addition, in other ways of use, such as dibenzophenone -4 under light conditions as a stabilizer in cosmetic formulations, should be kept within the above concentration (i.e. 5%), is also safe.

The above conclusions do not cover the environmental safety of diphenylketon-4.

Regulatory situation in China

According to the regulations on cosmetics in our country, dibenzophenone-4 conforms to the "Technical Specification for the Safety of Cosmetics" quasi-use sunscreen (Table 5) No. 4, which stipulates that the maximum allowable concentration of cosmetics when used is 5% of the total amount (by acid).

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