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Newman Fine Chemicals Carbomer Toxicology Studies--Skin Irritation
  • 2019-09-29 14:33:29

Carbomer products are poly acrylic acid polymer, including Newman Fine Chemicals carbomer and Carbopol (for Lubrizol brand name) 940, 980, 941.981, 676, 690, 20 ( Carbopol Ultrez 20211030) etc.

The following tests were performed on Newman Fine Chemicals -Carbomer products with chemical compositions representative of Carbomer 940 and Carbomer 980.

Skin Irritation

An animal (usually rabbit) test was used to evaluate the skin Irritation of chemical materials. The test consisted of acute skin irritation and multiple skin irritation by applying one or more doses of a sample to the skin of a healthy, intact animal and observing the symptoms of reversible inflammation. Provide basis for the safety of chemical human skin. The conclusion can be divided into four grades: non-stimulation and light stimulation.

The skin irritation potential of the test material was evaluated in rabbits in accordance with regulations. Each of six rabbits received a 0.5g dose of the test article as a dermal application to both an intact and abraded test site.  The dose was held in contact with the skin under a semi-occlusive binder for an exposure period of 24 hours. Following the exposure period, the binder was removed, and the remaining test article was wiped from the skin using gauze and distilled water. The test sites were subsequently examined and scored for dermal irritation for up to three days following patch removal. No edema (swelling) was noted at any test site. Under the test conditions, the test material is considered a slight irritant to rabbit skin.  The calculated Primary Irritation Index for the test material is 0.58.

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