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Carbomer Toxicology subjects - Eye Irritation
  • 2019-09-29 14:44:40

Arbomer products are poly acrylic acid polymer, including carbomer and Carbopol ( for Lubirzol brand name) 940, 980, 941.981, 676, 690, 20 ( Carbopol Ultrez 20211030) etc.

The following tests were performed on Newman Fine Chemicals -Carbomer products with chemical compositions representative of Carbomer 940 and Carbomer 980.

Eye Irritation

Eye irritation: after ocular surface contact with content of reversible inflammatory change.

The subjects were dripped in one dose into the conjunctival sac of one eye of each animal, with the untreated eye on the other contrast yourself. The degree of irritation and corrosion to the animal's eyes was observed and scored at specified time intervals.

The eye irritant effect of valence subject. The observation period should be sufficient to evaluate the reversibility or irreversibility of the stimulus effect.

The eye irritation potential of the test material was evaluated. A standard amount, 0.1 g (or 0.1 ml of the dilute solution) of the test material was administered to groups of eight albino rabbits. The respective test material was instilled into the conjunctival sac of one eye of the test animals while the other eye served as a control.  The eyes were not washed after instillation.  A similar procedure was on an additional three animals, with the exception that a saline rinse was used.  In the no-rinse group, the test material produced minimal conjunctivitis in 6 of 6 test animals at 24 hours.  Redness and swelling persisted to the study termination (7 days) in 4 of 6 rabbits.  Similar responses were seen in the rinse group.

It was concluded that the test material was not considered to be an eye irritant (rabbit) based on the no-rinse group according to evaluation criteria.

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