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"Beautiful" Christmas-Newman Carbomer products
  • 2020-12-24 12:01:26

From December 24 to January 6 of the following year is the Christmas season. During the festival, Christians all over the world hold grand commemorative ceremonies. Christmas is set up to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Although the Bible never mentioned the specific time of Jesus' birth, later, people in western countries designated 12.25 as Christmas. Because people attach great importance to it, it has become a national festival. On this day, people get together with their families and celebrate with cheers, which is as grand as our Spring Festival. After the middle of the 5th century, as an important festival, Christmas became a tradition of the church, and gradually spread in the eastern and Western churches. Christmas custom spread to Asia mainly in the middle of the 19th century, Japan, South Korea, China and so on were affected by the Christmas culture. During the Christmas period, it has become a common custom to give gifts and hold banquets, and to add festive atmosphere with Santa Claus and Christmas trees. Christmas has also become a public holiday in the western world and many other regions.

Every Christmas, the streets and alleys are lined with large and small decorated Christmas trees, each activity place put on the Christmas coat, such as Christmas theme restaurant, Christmas theme train and so on. People like to walk through the Christmas market stalls decorated with Christmas cabins, taste hot red wine, taste curry sausage, and watch the merry go round. But this year's Christmas season is extraordinary.

Since the beginning of winter, the number of new coronavirus infections in western countries has remained high, and the second wave of epidemic is coming. Nuremberg, Frankfurt, and Erfurt in Germany have announced the cancellation of this year's Christmas market, which is deeply regrettable.

Christmas market history can be traced back to the middle ages, is one of the most famous traditional winter activities in Germany. According to statistics, there are more than 2500 Christmas markets in Germany, among which Nuremberg has the longest history and the largest scale, attracting nearly 2 million tourists every year.

The cancellation of the Christmas market will inevitably dilute the festive atmosphere. In view of this, some cities plan to hold "reduced version" Christmas markets to reduce the number of stalls and distribute them in a decentralized way to ensure the social distance of tourists. For example, an amusement park in North Rhine westphalon was intended to be converted into a drive in Christmas market. But as the German government announced on the 13th that it would further tighten the epidemic prevention and control measures until January 2021, a cold Christmas day has become a foregone conclusion.

This year's Christmas in Britain is also full of twists and turns. In November, the government imposed a wide-ranging "foot ban" in England for four weeks in an effort to contain the epidemic and reunite people at Christmas. On December 2, the ban on Christmas shopping was lifted. Later, it was announced that people would be allowed to get together in a small area from December 23 to 27 to "have a happy little Christmas".

In recent years, under the influence of western culture, Christmas in China has also been colorful. On Christmas Eve, people give apples to each other to express their wishes for peace. There are also some interesting Christmas theme activities around the country. Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, Anhui Newman Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. kindly reminds everyone to take protective measures while shopping and gathering at Christmas, and go home to do a good job of disinfection and cleaning. Merry Christmas!

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