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COVID-19 vaccine
  • 2020-12-10 17:15:26

2020 is a very miserable year for most people. Due to the invasion of COVID-19, many countries have suffered very serious losses, and how many families are fragmented because of the epidemic. What's most distressing is that, up to now, the epidemic situation in many countries has not been controlled. During this difficult period novel coronavirus pneumonia is jointly fought by all countries to overcome the 2020 frequent disasters.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said on the same day that he had received the first 1.2 million doses of new coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine from China and expressed "great gratitude" for this, AP reported on the 6th. He expects to receive another 1.8 million doses of Chinese COVID-19 vaccine in early January.

"We are very grateful. Now that we have a vaccine, we can immediately stop the spread of the new epidemic. "In August this year, Indonesia cooperated with Kexing on the third phase of vaccine clinical trial, recruiting more than 1600 volunteers in Bandung. The Indonesian government is also studying cooperation with two Chinese vaccine manufacturers, Sinopharm Holdings Limited and konshino biological Co., Ltd.

However, the Chinese COVID-19 vaccine still needs to be evaluated by the Indonesian food and drug administration. Widodo said the Indonesian government has carried out several months of vaccination simulation in several provinces. "I believe that once it is decided that vaccination can start, everything will be ready."

This is the first time Indonesia has received COVID-19 vaccine. The arrival of China's vaccine marks a "new stage" in the fight against the disease in Indonesia, the country with the most severe epidemic in Southeast Asia, according to the news agency.

In October, Indonesia became the second country in the world to approve China's COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, after the United Arab Emirates. This reflects that the friendly relations between China and India will continue to develop at a deeper level.

On December 7, we officially ushered in the "heavy snow" solar term, which indicates that the weather will become colder and colder, layers of ice appear on the water surface, and the cold north wind also roars to us. Although the vaccine has been developed, but the impact of the new coronavirus cannot be underestimated, the winter of 2020 is bound to be worrying. Here, I hope the people of all countries will actively take protective measures.

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North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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