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Carbomer 1342/1382/2020 is the preferred choice for hand sanitizer gels

2022-04-13 00:14:14

For over 11 years, Anhui Newman has been delivering NM-Carbomers, our key technology that has created a positive global impact as the differentiating ingredient in countless innovations within the personal care and health care industry.

NM-Carbomers have allowed our portfolio to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. Expanding our offerings to meet the demands of our customers and end-users, NM-carbomers includes everything from powders to liquids. This provides an array of benefits, including wide pH range compatibility and high electrolyte tolerance that is ideal for flow patterns.

Due to Omicron virus spreading in all over the world., In China, Guangzhou, shanghai city are locked down. We have been together with you, fighting against COVID-19 and launching different type’s carbomers. NM-Carbomer as gel is very popular in hand sanitizer gels. Traitional carbomer such as NM-Carbomer 940HC/carbopol 940, carbomer 980HC/Carbopol 980 are cost efficient. But Improved carbomers such as NM-Carbomer 1342/Carbopl 1342, NM-Carbomer 1382/Carbopol 1382, carbomer 20/Carbopol Ultrez20, , carbomer21/10/2020 behave better with higher clarity, viscosity for hydroalcoholic gels,, antibacterial gel hand, hand gel sanitizer.

Especially NM-Carbomer 1342 and 1382 is the preferred choice for hydroalcoholic gels, with good price and quality, here is the Features and Benefits  

 l Outstanding thickening

 l Excellent clarity

 l Noo-sticky feeling  

 l Suitable for hydro-alcoholic system

 l Excellent performance of stabilizing and suspending.   

Pls feel free to contact with us for video of making hand sanitizer gels with NM-Carobmers ..


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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