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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return, carbomer products export volume is growing
  • 2020-10-31 15:31:53

On 1st July twenty years ago, the governments of china and Britain held a handover ceremony to mark the return of Hong Kong. From that day on, China officially resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was established.

The return of Hong Kong to China was a landmark in China’s modern history, it is also a highlight in the history of China-UK relations.

The historical obstacle to closer ties between China and Britain was finally removed, sending the bilateral relations onto a fast track.

In the twenty years that , China -UK relationship grew from comprehensive partnership to comprehensive strategic partnership, and then to a global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st century.

China and UK, as permanent members of the UN Security Council, major countries of global influence, and supporters of multilateralism, free trade and the rule-based international trade system,must demonstrate the courage to shoulder historical responsibilities.

In a friendly trading environment, We, Anhui Newman Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd as the top professional carbomer/ carbopol manufacturer, suppliers, NM- Carbomer products are exported to all over the market, meeting the increasing demand.

NM-Carbomer 940/ Carbopol 940, carbomer 980/Carbopol 980, carbomer 981/Carbopol 981, carbomer 990, carbomer 934P, carbomer 20/ Carbopol ultrez 20, carbomer 21/ Carbopol ultrez 21, carbomer 10/ Carbopol ultrez 20. Carbomer 2020/ Carbopol ETD2020 as thickening agent and suspending agent behave better in hydroalcoholic gels and hand sanitizing gels, Antibacterial hand gels.

In the favorable trade environment, we have been expanding our production capacity, and improving NM-Carbomer product quality. We are busy transporting and exporting NM-Carbomer to all over the market, fulfilling our own responsibility.

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North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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