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NM-Carbomer playing very important part in oral care products
  • 2021-03-22 17:55:54

The toothpaste market has been evolving to adapt to global influences and is undergoing rapid optimization, with consumers demanding greater levels of performance from oral care products. As a result, more products are arising with specialized benefit claims, such as enamel-sensitivity and management of gum inflammation.

AnHui Newman Fine Chemicals provide many types good quality Carbomer polymers. NM-Carbomer products are used as efficient thickeners and co-binders in a variety of oral care products formulations, such anti-cavity, tooth sensitivity protection, natural ingredients, whitening capabilities, and long-acting / retention properties.

NM-Carbomer products behave better, and have many advantages in oral care products,

●Efficient thickening and binding properties, in addition to being the preferred thickener for anhydrous compositions

●Unique rheology leading to improved aesthetics, such as ribbon stand-up and high clarity gels

●Superior mucoadhesive properties compared to other polymers, allowing for prolonged active or flavor retention and muco-protective capabilities

●Reduced stringiness leading to better high-speed tube-filling performance and no-spill toothbrush application

Anhui Newman Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of carbomer in China. NM-Carbomer products/Carbomer polymers play an important role in oral care products. NM-Carbomer products provide thickening and are ideal for use in anhydrous toothpaste formulations. Carbomer products provide higher retention of active ingredients while protecting sensitive oral tissues. In addition to our traditional Carbomer 940HC,941,980HC, 990, 981,960,970, our pharmaceutical grade Carbomer 980G, 934P, 974P and 971P are used in a wide range of oral care products that are safe, reliable, effective NM- carbomer products are popular in all over the market.

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North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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