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Newman Carbomer being exported to the world: The Government Work report on the role of exports in supporting the economy
  • 2023-05-26 14:41:26

In March, the "Two Sessions", which attracted people's attention, also kicked off in this spring season.

Premier Li Keqiang outlined eight priorities for this year in his government work report at the opening of the first session of the 14th National People's Congress on March 5.We will focus on expanding domestic demand, accelerating the building of a modern industrial system, effectively implementing the "two unswervingly principles", making greater efforts to attract and utilize foreign investment, effectively preventing and defusing major economic and financial risks, stabilizing grain production, and promoting rural revitalization, promoting the green transformation of the development model, ensuring basic people's livelihood and developing social programs.

Exports: Exports and imports will continue to play a supporting role in the economy

As for exports, this year's government work report sets the tone that imports and exports will continue to support the economy.

To be specific, we will make greater efforts to attract and utilize foreign investment.We will expand market access and open modern service industries.We will ensure national treatment for foreign-funded enterprises.We will actively promote participation in high-standard economic and trade agreements such as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), and steadily expand institutional openness in accordance with relevant rules, regulations, management, and standards.We will continue to give full play to the role of imports and exports in supporting the economy.We will provide services to foreign-funded enterprises and promote the implementation of landmark foreign-funded projects.

Our country utilizes foreign capital achievement bright.Li Keqiang pointed out that in the past five years, China's import and export volume of goods has grown by an average annual rate of 8.6%, exceeding 40 trillion yuan, ranking first in the world for many consecutive years, and ranking first in attracting foreign investment and outbound investment in the world.The number of negative lists in the national and pilot free trade zones was reduced by 51 percent and 72 percent respectively. The manufacturing sector was basically fully liberalized, and the opening of financial and other services continued to improve.

However, the foreign trade industry has been under pressure recently. Downward pressure on exports continued to increase. As the global economy continues to decline, inflation remains high and the risk of recession in major economies is rising. In its global economic outlook released in January this year, the World Bank lowered its forecast for global economic growth in 2023 to 1.7%. It is expected that the economic growth of the United States and Japan will remain low, and the eurozone and the United Kingdom are likely to fall into negative growth. At present, the risk of global recession is on the rise, and the growth of external demand is slowing down significantly. In 2023, we will make greater efforts to stabilize the scale and structure of foreign trade and stabilize the supporting role of export in the national economy.

Anhui Newman Fine Chemical Co., LTD., as the top leading manufacture of carbomer and polyacrylic acid products related industry, our all products have been passed the EU REACH registration certification.Our business covers in personal care field, health care field, home care and other industrial fields.

And our products are exported to the world. Help global customers to provide more products and related technical solutions. Such as personal care grade carbomer 940HC, 980HC, 990, 20, 21, 30, etc., extensively application in shampoo, shower gel, skin care emulsion/cream, facial mask etc.; Pharmaceutical grade carbomer 980G, carbomer 10G, carbomer 974P and carbomer 1382G are widely used in oral care including aqueous toothpaste, anhydrous toothpaste and coupler, eye ointment, gynecological gel, etc.

Meanwhile, our series of RheologyControl Additivesuch as ST-2640, ST-2623, ST-2641 being used in aqueous systems for a variety of different purposes in printing, coating, or other technical applications. They demonstrate efficient thickening performance and flexibility in formulation for different end-uses.Widely used inanalog Printing Inks, Apparel Coatings, Custom Textile Formulations, Home Furnishing Coatings, Textile Coatings etc.

Recently, the external environment has become more complex and severe. The spillover effect of the war and Western sanctions will be further revealed, energy and food prices will increase at a high level, financial market volatility will increase, and foreign trade and export business is also facing more severe challenges. With the support and guidance of government policies, Anhui Newman will continue to innovate in the field of new chemical materials and become a world-class chemical company by optimizing the product structure and adhering to the mission of "fulfilling the promise of making life better, healthier and cleaner".

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