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Message on World AIDS Day, 1st-Dec-2019
  • 2019-12-02 15:28:06

On world AIDs Day, We, Anhui Newman Fine Chemicals Co., ltd, as a leading manufacturer of polymer-Carbomer products would like to work together to all over world communities to achieve the goal: Ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030.  UN secretary-general Antonio guterres stressed on World AIDS Day, 1st-Dec-2019 that Ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030, as we committed to in the Sustainable Development Goals, will require a continuous collaborative effort. The United Nations, Governments, civil society and other partners have been working together to scale up access to health services and to halt new HIV infections. More than 23 million people living with HIV were receiving treatment in 2018.

Carbomer products as excipient in pharmaceutical formulation play import roles, providing high viscosity, excellent thickening and suspending performance. We have been improving and launching carbomer products to meet diversified demand. NM-Carbomer products such as 980, 98G, 934P, 981, 981G,974P, 20202020G etc., are toxicologically-preferred solvents and safe. We will launch safer carbomer products to service the mankind. UN secretary-general Antonio guterres call upon that Communities around the world are at the heart of this response – helping people to claim their rights, promoting access to stigma-free health and social services, ensuring that services reach the most vulnerable and marginalized, and pressing to change laws that discriminate. As the theme of this year’s observance rightly highlights, communities make the difference.

Yet unmet needs remain. A record 38 million people are living with HIV, and resources for the response to the epidemic declined by $1 billion last year. More than ever we need to harness the role of community-led organizations that advocate for their peers, deliver HIV services, defend human rights and provide support. Where communities are engaged, we see change happen. We see investment lead to results. And we see equality, respect and dignity.

With communities, we can end AIDS.
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North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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