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Increasing cosmetics demand and carbomer products
  • 2019-11-19 09:50:54
Data shows that the domestic cosmetics demand have been increasing since last more than 20 years. In 2016, China's cosmetics retail transaction scale has reached 336.061 billion yuan. The total amount of cosmetics consumption has surpassed Japan and become the world's second largest cosmetics consumption market after the United States.

Professionals suggest that there are two main factors for the expansion of China's cosmetics market:
First, Peoples in china with the increasing growth in the living standard bring the more bigger quality demand of personal care products.
Second, consumer psychology has undergone profound changes, from advocating "introversion and simplicity" to "beauty and innocence", and the number of mand consumers is increasing day by day.

In response to the call of The Times, we, Anhui Newman fine chemical co., LTD., have been developing and launching rheological modifiers, carbomer, which are safer, high suspending and thickening, to meet the growing market demand. NM-Carbomer products including traditional Carbomer 940, 980, 941, 981, 934, carbomer such as 1342, 1382 Suitable for surfactant system and high electrolyte rate systems, also a hydrophobically modified, self- wets and disperses quickly carbomer 20, 21 and 2020.

However, in the potentially huge Chinese cosmetics market, most of the popular are foreign brands. The list of cosmetics brands released in recent years shows that the top 10 brands in the domestic cosmetics market are mainly foreign brands, and Chinese brands have never occupied the top 3.

In fact, Chinese consumers' enthusiasm for big-name foreign cosmetics can be seen everywhere in their lives.
In China, most shops are occupied by foreign brands;
In foreign countries, Chinese tourists line up at the door of big-name cosmetics, and Chinese shoppers have even contributed a new word to the Japanese language -- "burst buy".
The reason is that there is a belief in big brands, but more is that cosmetics efficacy and brand level have been recognized by consumers.

On the other hand, the product positioning is fuzzy and the quality needs to be improved. In order to avoid the fierce competition in the high-end market, some domestic brands tend to position their brands in the middle and lower grades. The production scale of these enterprises is small, the technology is backward, often carry on copy or copy, lead to the low price between enterprises vicious aggravation, destroyed the market environment.

We, Anhui Newman fine chemical co., LTD., will continue to take innovation as our mission, developing multi-functional fine chemical materials and bringing more solutions for new and old customers in the industry, and jointly embrace a more brilliant tomorrow!
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